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About Caltex

Give your car’s engine the right fuel, and it will repay you with optimal and longer-lasting performance.

Only Caltex fuels contains Techron®, a specially-formulated ingredient to keep your engine clean. It is proven to clean and protect harmful deposits build up in vital engine parts to deliver 5 benefits.

The 5 Benefits of Caltex with Techron®
Maximized Power • Better Fuel Economy • Smoother Drive • Lower Emissions • Reliable Performance

Experience the cleaning power of Techron® for yourself at any Caltex Station. Discover the range of different Caltex with Techron® petrol grades to cater to your driving needs.

Store Information

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Save More at the NEW Caltex Jurong Spring Station!

Validity Period

1 Dec 2019 - 31 Dec 2019

Promotion Details

Caltex Jurong Spring is now OPEN!

Fine Print

• 2X LinkPoints (“Offer”) is for all valid Plus! Members for every litre of Caltex fuel purchased at Caltex Jurong Spring only (“Valid Station”).
• Offer is valid from 1 Dec to 31 Dec 2010 (“Offer Validity”.
• For indoor payment, valid Plus! Card must be presented to the cashier prior to payment to be eligible for LinkPoints Offer.
• For outdoor payment, valid Plus! Card must be inserted into the Outdoor Fuel Payment Terminal to be eligible for LinkPoints Offer.
• For CaltexGO Payment Offer, valid Plus! Card must be loaded onto the CaltexGO app prior to payment to be eligible for LinkPoints Offer.
• Under the 2X LinkPoints Offer, 6 LinkPoints will be issued for each litre of Caltex fuel purchase at the Valid Station.
• LinkPoints Offer will be automatically issued to the invited Plus! member’s account instantly upon each fuel transaction.
• Chevron and NTUC Link reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at their sole discretion.