About BIG Rewards

Started as an airline loyalty programme for AirAsia, today BIG Rewards has grown into a comprehensive lifestyle platform that goes beyond just flights, presenting a new, holistic way of rewarding loyal BIG Members with over 300 partners across lifestyle, travel and financial services categories.

As we diversify our business and expand our earn and burn ecosystem (>300 earn partners, BIG Deals, BIG Xchange, BIG eStore, co-brand cards etc), BIG Points is already today's digital currency where one can earn and use BIG Points in their daily lives be it for shopping, dining, banking, travelling and more. We'll continue to drive the value of BIG Points to increase its desirability and to create more value for our members.

With the growth of our diverse offerings and fast e-commerce transactions, we'll be rebranding from BIG Loyalty to BIG Rewards with effect from 4th January 2021. ‘Rewards’ spells out the benefits for our users and is a stronger and more attractive proposition in today’s e-commerce world.



LinkPoints Award

Convert your LinkPoints to BIG Points or the other way round!

Tier 1: 1000 LinkPoints to 420 BIG Points

Tier 2: 2000 LinkPoints to 880 BIG Points

Tier 1: 1050 BIG Points to 210 LinkPoints

Tier 2: 2200 BIG Points to 450 LinkPoints

Visit Plus! Exchange to find out more.

Terms and Conditions

1. In case of any dispute, the decision of NTUC Link Private Limited shall be final.

2. Upon submission, all Plus! Exchange conversion requests are final. Conversion requests cannot be reversed or cancelled by the Plus! member.

3. One Plus! Rewards Programme account can only be linked to one Partner’s account.

4. The time needed to process the conversion request takes 10 working days.

5. If a conversion request from LinkPoints to our Partner’s Points has failed, LinkPoints will be credited back into the Plus! member’s account in 5 working days.

6. If you would like to link to another Plus! Programme account or Partner’s account, you may call our customer service to remove the existing linkage between current Plus! Programme account and our Partner’s account.