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Anglo Indian Café & Bar


For over 300 years the British made India their home and in that span, gradually but surely they imported their unique winning ways: their civil administration, their ideas of democracy, their railways, their army and most importantly their food.

Characterised by ample usage of native Indian spices on varieties of meats and homegrown methods of stewing, grilling and roasting, the food in the Anglo Indian cuisine spectrum includes sea food, tandoori baked food, Indian breads, curries, chutneys, soups and other delicacies that today have become famous among those who have had a chance to know it.

In addition, what completes the Anglo Indian culinary experience is the service, which has to have that certain Raj elegance and cultivated style in fine dining, that calls for warm, courteous, ever present yet non-intrusive attendance—all in keeping with the decorum.

Come relive that Raj experience and play the Burra Sahib as our staff fuss over you, while you savour the best that was ever laid out by the grandest of cultures.


$1 Spend = 5 LinkPoints

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