About LingoAce

LingoAce is a global EdTech platform delivering authentic, engaging and effective language-learning for young digital natives. Our curriculum specialists, creative designers and teachers work together to create engaging bite-size learning content pegged to globally accredited syllabus leveraging proven methodologies and technology.

At LingoAce, we emphasize on creating an optimal environment for learning Chinese – authentic, engaging, effective, convenient and transparent.
• Learning methods - Personalized and small class under 4 pax;
• Lesson scheduling - Flexible scheduling according to progress and learner’s availability; no time wasted on the roads
• Teaching Curriculum - aligned with MOE syllabuses and frequently refined according to learners’ responses to ensure learning is effective
• Course-ware - Animation & gamification incorporated to make both learning and homework content more engaging and motivating
• Learning Duration - Optimized 55 mins classes, higher frequency in a week, for immersive, effective and comprehensive learning
• Transparent progress tracking - Regular, detailed progress reports every 8 classes to track learning improvements and updates from dedicated learning advisor
• Unlimited Revision
- All classes are recorded. Students can replay & review at any time, anywhere
- Parents can use the playback function to see how their child is performing during the class



LinkPoints Award

LingoAce offers different kinds of programs to tailor towards different learning needs and objectives.

1) Singapore Online Program

Benchmarked to PSLE scoring requirements, our lessons accumulatively builds our learners’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through tech-enhanced, visually-simulating and interactive learning. 

This 55-min live teaching classes, twice a week, increase our learners Chinese practicing frequency in the comforts of their homes. 

Our 1-to-1 or 1-to-4 class and engaging illustrative content, make Chinese-learning more conducive and inviting.


2) Singapore Pre-school Program

This 25-min live teaching classes, 1-to-1 gels international recognised content such as YCT’s to spark children's interest and love for the Chinese language. 

Build Chinese language skills through story sequel, color filling, and rhythm creation of nursery rhymes.

Chinese culture - Learn 20 idiom stories and understand the basic reasoning and principle behind the idiom stories


LingoAce Teachers

Our 2000+ teachers are recruited at 5% application success rate. They have prior teaching experiences, and are qualified with MOE certification, degree holders, and native-speakers with a minimum of level “2-A” in Putonghua Proficiency Test. LingoAce Teachers are equipped to adapt the curriculum to each student’s individual level, pace and learning style, even their cultural background.

Terms and Conditions

• Lessons are held online, in a virtual classroom, where both teacher and student will be able to see each other on the right side of the screen and courseware or whiteboard will be on the left side of the screen.
• Trial lesson will only be available to new customers after signing up and onboarding process.
• Lessons are not available for transfer, refund or any other conversion methods.
• Other T&Cs apply -
• LingoAce and NTUC Link reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at their sole discretion.