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Noel Gifts


Noel Gifts International Ltd (Noel Gifts) is the leading flowers and gifts company with an extensive offering of chic floral arrangements and gifting ideas for the stylish and discerning. Over the past 43 years, the company has been Bringing People Closer with premium quality gift selections for all occasions.


$1 Spend = 5 LinkPoints_

Terms and Conditions

• Purchases issued with LinkPoints are not entitled to Noel Points.
• HouseProud, Best Buy & International Order Items are not applicable for LinkPoints issuance.
• Items on promotion and/or with discounts are not entitled to LinkPoints.
• LinkPoints issuance is based on purchase amount before GST and/or before any additional charges and delivery charges.
• Plus! card number must be entered at the third step of the checkout process to be eligible for LinkPoints issuance on web purchases.
• LinkPoints issuance is applicable to Plus! members only.
• Exchanges, cancellations and refunds are subjected to Noel Gifts Service Policy. LinkPoints may be adjusted in light of such events.
• Noel Gifts and NTUC Link reserve the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice at their sole discretion.