Brave the Haze With These 4 Tips!

The haze is back, leaving Singaporeans none too happy about it. With the forecast of more hazy days ahead, even staying indoors can leave you feeling a tad restless — especially if you have little ones to care for.

While it is difficult to completely escape the haze altogether, there are ways to keep yourself and your family healthy (and sane!). So don’t hold your breath – brave the haze with these 4 tips:

1. Breathe easier

The air may be filled with harmful pollutants outside, but you can help to keep the air in your home clean. Shut all the doors and windows; keep a small fan instead of the air conditioner turned on if you prefer that. Invest in a high-quality air purifier that can diffuse large areas with clean air. Ideally, it should have a HEPA filter and ionizer, which can capture harmful particles as small as 0.3 microns! This will help to normalise your breathing rate, decrease blood pressure and relieve tension.

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If you’re unsure of where to start, you can shop from HomeFix’s wide variety of high-performance air purifiers!

2. Stay hydrated

The harmful fine particles can also trap ambient heat, making eyes and throats feel drier and rougher than usual. Smooth it all out by making sure everyone in the family is taking regular gulps of water, as water can help to flush away toxins absorbed by the lungs and skin. Always aim to drink no less than six to eight glasses of water a day!

If you don’t fancy plain ‘ole water, opt for cooling herbal teas instead! Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such herbal teas are brewed using natural ingredients such as chrysanthemum and wolfberry to help cool down your body temperature and strengthen the immune system during the hazy season. At ZTP, you can find a wide range of herbal beverages from Honey Aloe Vera to Ginseng Tea. You can also seek the friendly staff for advice on which natural ingredients to buy so you can BIY (Brew-It-Yourself) at home.

To further strengthen immune resistance, try their high-quality bird’s nest free from preservatives, colouring or stabilisers!

3. Glow up

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Supercharge your diet with a glowing menu of fruits, whole grains and lean meats. A more colorful diet will provide the essential vitamins and nutrients to keep everyone in the family in the pink of health. Chow down on foods rich in Vitamin C (e.g. broccoli, capsicums), Vitamin E (e.g. avocadoes, almonds, sunflower seeds), Omega-3 fatty acids e.g. salmon, mackerel, edamame) and more! Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for enhancing immunity and heart health, as well as provide a cushion against more itchy eyes and sore throats caused by the dusty air!

4. Playdate fun

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Trying to keep the little ones occupied but not sure where to start? Take a leaf from crafty mama Joan as she shares fun at-home activities to do. From messy play to paper crafts, she has it all covered here.

If you have managed to strike off every activity on her list and are still itching to head out, then make a playdate with the little ones at an indoor playground! You can easily spend an hour or two at The Polliwogs — a sprawling indoor playground offering seriously fun hands-on experiences and meaningful sensory play in a safe and hygienic environment. There is also a dedicated play arena for toddlers to develop their fine motor skills, as well as a comfortable lounge area with a free wireless network for the adults. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone of all ages!


See, it’s not all gloom and doom! It may be harder to breathe these days but with the 4 tips mentioned above, it will be easier not letting the haze get to your eyes.

In the event of persistent health-related issues, do consult a medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.  Be in the know of the latest haze situation updates here.

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